Oh Gosh, What A Shame!

Just visited this blog after a few months from opening it. It is such a shame that I am finding it hard to customize it. I am using a different email address from my main blog Dreams And Escapes   so I still have to log out from there to access this one. To think I have been blogging for more than six years, it’s kind of crazy that it’s really, really hard to start all over again. This is actually my fifth blog, the first of the four being my main blog as I have mentioned above and the other three; one for my gardening entries, the second one  entitled Colors for my photos (which are uploaded in their original high-resolution format and the third is my blog on my darling grandson Nate called Our Precious Bundle Of Joy. I have been blogging about him since he was born. Come visit me there if you have time or maybe, just maybe follow them too. I just don’t want to lump together all those precious posts into one blog.

I learned my lesson now based on the percentage of usage that I have left on my main blog. I used to participate a lot on the WordPress photo challenge for the week but then it rapidly ate up my remaining free space. A few months  ago, I noticed that you can actually reduce the size of photos in your media library before attaching them to your posts. It is easier that way too.

If you ask me if it is worth creating another blog for future use, my answer is a big YES.


About arlene

And here I thought it would be easy to create and start another blog. Starting all over again but that is the challenge of blogging. This is a continuation of my other blog called Dreams and Escapes. It is still a work in progress...

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  1. Perhaps try other themes, Arlene. They might be a little easier to customise to the style you prefer. When I opened a different blog, I could not work out how to separate it from my other blog, so it still shows as ‘me’ writing it.
    At least it is easy enough to follow this new blog, as I have done from the start.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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