Touches Of Beauty


Don’t you dream sometimes of living in a place where all you see is the beauty of nature, unhampered by tall buildings and malls in every corner? Don’t you dream sometimes of seeing a vast field of verdant greens as far as your eyes could see without worrying about pollution which is a constant in city life? Don’t you dream sometimes of being in a place where all you hear are bird songs and cows mooing in a field or maybe the  sound of a rooster  crowing? The latter is so  regular very early in the morning that you won’t need an alarm clock to wake you up 🙂

I do.

Life in the metropolis is a bit stressful at times. You become a clock-watcher, you worry about traffic, you worry about everything there is to worry about.  And when the day ends, you wonder if there is something left undone and the ritual begins as soon as your eyes open the very next day.  You  dream of spending a few days in a quiet place, somewhere you can recharge, somewhere you can be yourself , somewhere where life is a little laid-back. It is a blessing to take an early morning walk and let the day takes it course for a change. Ralph  Waldo Emerson was right when he said: “Nature never hurries. Atom by atom, little by little she achieves her work.”




About arlene

And here I thought it would be easy to create and start another blog. Starting all over again but that is the challenge of blogging. This is a continuation of my other blog called Dreams and Escapes. It is still a work in progress...

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  1. i am glad we have mallard lake close to where we live Arlene. it provides balance to our city life. nothing really beats the beauty of nature! great photo 🙂

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  2. i dream, Arlene…always…always…

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  3. Oh yes, I dream daily of living in such a place. My feet weary of treading concrete; my head nearly explodes with noise and fumes. Every single day I dream of living, perhaps one day soon, in a quiet countryside where more of the natural world fills my senses. Then I think, how selfish of me! So many will never have that opportunity. Why not learn how to bring more of Nature to our cities? And so it goes.

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