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What Happiness Is


–  Waking up to the song of a sparrow

outside your  window

– Feeling  the cold breeze that gently bites

your cheeks

–  A cup of hot black coffee

–  Freshly baked pandesal

–  A visit to the garden

– Discovering new blooms

– Raindrops lingering on the bright

green leaves

– The fresh look of the garden

on a cold morning

–  Watching the day unfolds

–  Seeing a patch of blue

in a cloudy sky

– Turning the pages of a favorite book

You see,  life is simple

And happiness could be just within your reach.


When Water Meets The Sky

When water meets the sky

Each day is a new journey, there is always something to discover, there is always something to dream about.


The gift of each morning, you see something beyond the ordinary.

The gift of each day, you see something  that would make you smile.

The gift of each dawn in your life, you see something  new, something to look forward to.


Don’t give up on your dreams.


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What lies behind closed doors, do you know?


Pockets of happy days!

Actually, I was fascinated by this stained-glass door. I seldom see this kind of window and door treatments except in Catholic churches  and  places where they value old-age decor.

On Life


Life will throw a lot at you, so you can count on learning something new every day. I have learned to open my heart and let life teach me whatever it has to offer. Every day is a gift wrapped in the lessons of tomorrow.

– Teach Me (Amy Lynn Steele)

Candle Light


I’ve always been in awe of candle light photography. I remember those photos I took of lighted candles at the St. Padre Pio Chapel near our place.

Watching the flickering flames somehow brings that inner peace in one’s soul, the quiet of the moment, fervent prayers uttered, the beauty of the Now.

A niece who is vacationing in France sent me some photos of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Paris and these is one of them. She knows that I love subjects like this and she told me, “I took those photos for you auntie”.  She hasn’t shared it on other social media sites, she said I could use them any way I want, be it on my blog or as personal collection.  Thank you Annabelle.

I am imagining myself right there at this moment, reflecting about life, its beauty and its angst while watching the flames sway and dance.


(re-blogged from Dreams and Escapes)

The Beauty Within

african rose

When the heart speaks, it shows its inner glow.

When Words Are Not Enough

the bench

The bench – a silent witness to my meanderings.

A few years ago, our two big Tamarind trees got uprooted by a typhoon. My brother had the big trunks made into benches and tables and put them in one corner of our garden in the province. I seldom visit the place now but every time I do, I spend the early morning or a late afternoon in this bench. A perfect place for that cup of coffee while admiring the vast garden with lovely flowers all around. A perfect place to chat and be updated with news. A perfect place to talk about anything under the sun.

The Essence Of A Moment

Subic Bay

Subic Bay

Sometimes you need to be –

Right where you are

No thoughts of tomorrow

No regrets about the past

Just letting life absorb your thoughts

this moment

this minute

this hour!


When It Rains, It Pours


It’s a wet, wet weekend and this weather is making me lazy. It is a perfect time though to cook something hot, comfort food that would lessen the bite of the cold wind outside.

Last night, we had Chicken  Arroz Caldo topped with hard-boiled eggs and chili flakes.  Half a pot was left so I reheated it this morning for early breakfast. Josef prefers it with a squeeze of lime or calamansi.

Something warm on a chilly day. Yeay 🙂



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