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Something To Think About

Gosh. I haven’t updated this site for so long concentrating instead on my main blog Dreams and Escapes.  I hope I would be able to post more in the coming days.


On Mums And Blogging

I love mums in all its different colors.  It’s one thing that I once attempted to grow in my garden but it didn’t survive.  It is a hardy flower though and need full sun and well-draining soil.

I actually bought this cluster in a pot and it was expensive but it didn’t last long.

My gosh, here I go again. Has it been really that long since I visited this site?  As usual I got more engrossed updating my main site Dreams and Escapes where I reached another milestone of total stats of more than that 500,000  last October 30, 2017. Presently, it registered a total of  500,426.  May I invite you all to visit it too? I posted a link here  that you can just click.

Thank you so much.

Blog Update

It’s been a while since I last posted something here. Been updating my main blog though  Dreams and Escapes regularly now. You can see it at the right corner of this blog.

I’ve been busy for a while and just forgot to update this site.  Hopefully, by the time I am done with my free limit at Dreams and Escapes, I would be able to update this blog regularly.  Here is something that I’ve tried experimenting with yellow  and white chrysanthemums on a plate of glass emerged in water. It’s not your usual flower arrangement  but they last longer.

Flowers are the nicest things to see aside from my small garden. I usually buy a bunch when we go to the wet market. It is cheaper that way.

Do you grow flowering plants too? What do you have in your garden?

Did You Say One Year?

Ah, I am a year old.  No, let me qualify that. WordPress says this  blog  has just celebrated its first birthday without me in it.  Last March 23, I received  another familiar notification from WordPress that says:

anniversary-2xHappy Anniversary with!

You registered on one year ago.

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

I am amazed.  A year is too short really. I started  this blog with one lone entry  a year ago just so I won’t have to rush making another one when my main blog has used up its allowed limit. I changed the theme and shortened each blog post but it is always accompanied  by photos. It was followed by a single post last May 01. It was six months later  when I finally customized it. I thought several times of changing the theme but I love its appearance and the header is just as lovely as the theme I use on my main blog.  I wanted a clean and uncluttered look.
Unlike when I was just starting with Dreams and Escapes (that was a hard start really because you never knew if somebody read your posts), this has earned 276 comments, 36 followers and a total of 3,313 hits. When you’re just starting with a new blog,  the stats counts a lot because it means they’re visiting  it.
To my new followers here and  to those who  leave  “comments” and “like” on some posts, thank you so much.

Oh Gosh, What A Shame!

Just visited this blog after a few months from opening it. It is such a shame that I am finding it hard to customize it. I am using a different email address from my main blog Dreams And Escapes   so I still have to log out from there to access this one. To think I have been blogging for more than six years, it’s kind of crazy that it’s really, really hard to start all over again. This is actually my fifth blog, the first of the four being my main blog as I have mentioned above and the other three; one for my gardening entries, the second one  entitled Colors for my photos (which are uploaded in their original high-resolution format and the third is my blog on my darling grandson Nate called Our Precious Bundle Of Joy. I have been blogging about him since he was born. Come visit me there if you have time or maybe, just maybe follow them too. I just don’t want to lump together all those precious posts into one blog.

I learned my lesson now based on the percentage of usage that I have left on my main blog. I used to participate a lot on the WordPress photo challenge for the week but then it rapidly ate up my remaining free space. A few months  ago, I noticed that you can actually reduce the size of photos in your media library before attaching them to your posts. It is easier that way too.

If you ask me if it is worth creating another blog for future use, my answer is a big YES.

This Is As Hard As It Gets, The Birthing Stage

Welcome to my new blog. It’s still a work in progress. Why is it that it seems harder now to put up a blog than before? This is my fifth blog actually and it would be a continuation of my original blog called Dreams and Escapes, come visit me there meantime that I am starting with this one.

Thank you so much.

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