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Glimpse Of Heaven

Oh my goodness, I was busy keeping my main site updated that I clearly forgot to visit this blog for quite a while.  Shame on me.

I miss those times we used to go on road trips  and discover places. I miss those days just  driving around and seeing those beautiful and lovely views of the countryside. Since I got sick, my immunity has become a little low that I was afraid to go out in far places with so many people. I only go the malls when we do some grocery shopping and when I need to buy something for the family and for my grandson.  I have to always wear a face mask when I go out because of pollution outside.

I miss places like this, rice fields as far as the eyes can see.  It’s like a glimpse of heaven.

Feeling Happy


Nissa and Nate at the beach

Nissa and Nate at the beach

“Happiness, not in another place but this place…not for another hour, but this hour.” ~Walt Whitman



Sometimes you wish the day would be as beautiful and as colorful as this.

I love Hydrangeas. I actually tried planting them in pots years ago but the heat in such a tropical country like ours is a bane for these plants.  They love partial shade and cool climate.

I always love taking photos of flowers, sometimes practicing on macro shots like this.  I know, I know, you remember the place and you smile at the memory it evokes.  You remember your delight in discovering such lovely blooms.

I miss you Caleruega. Someday, I am going back there to visit you again.

I Got Lost Admiring The View

WordPress says it’s been three months since my last post. Such a shame I neglected this blog for such a long time.  I was quite busy though updating my main blog Dreams and Escapes, the entries of which you can see here on the sideboard.

Just want to share with you one of those photos that caught me frantic with my camera while we were traveling along the South Luzon Expressway going to Zambales. The countryside always gives me that lovely feeling of seeing wide spaces at its best.


Green rice fields, a landscape occasionally  dotted with  houses along the way, a perfect blue sky –  a site for sore eyes.

I got lost admiring the view.

Provincial Life

In one of our trips back to the province, I saw this at a neighbor’s house. They make charcoal  out of fallen trees  destroyed by typhoons.  So this is how they make it now. When I was younger, my grandpa would gather tree trunks (they had plenty back then), dig a hole in the ground and arrange the cut  wood then put rice husks on top , let them burn all night and gather the newly made charcoal early in the morning. A pail of water is on hand where the charcoal is dipped and let them under the sun to dry for a day or two.  We used them to cook on a wide wooden stove.  I remember my grandma using charcoal on metal irons. There was no electricity back then and life was simple.

charcoal making

It is so sad that the recent typhoon that hit the province destroyed some of our fruit-bearing trees. It takes years for them to grow and it is hard to replace the robust ones. My mom would gather firewood and neatly arrange them in a pile. Yes, they still use them from time to time  especially when there are occasions that need preparations in cooking . It is more convenient to use  large pots and pans in preparing several recipes, where firewood is a necessity.

wood pile

I smiled when I saw this, it reminded me of the times when I was ten and it was a joy to help grandpa arrange the cut stems and branches in a pile like this.

I hope they would plant more trees to replace those which were destroyed by calamities. Trees prevent erosion which in turn prevent floods.



San Antonio

The very first time I visited the province of Zambales (more than three decades ago)  I was surprised to see those imposing  mountain ranges along the highway. It was like when you look up, you could almost touch the summit. When I came back some years later, San Antonio was even lovelier  than I remember. Behind these mountains  is the famous Anawangin Cove which is a frequent destination by locals  and tourists alike. it faces the South  China Sea.

I love the colors of blues and greens blending well together. The sweet face of serenity warms the heart.




I remember the date I took this shot, it was exactly three weeks since I finished my six cycles of chemotherapy, a litmus test if I may say.   Our destination was  Tanay, Rizal, a good one  and a half hour trip from our place in Cainta.   We were in convoy with our good neighbors Jom and Jane and their kids.  Along the way, there  were occasional jeepneys full of passengers up to the roof , otherwise, we were in tandem, admiring the scenic view and making oohs and aahs as we passed by some cloud formations along the mountain top making you feel like you are touching heaven.  A few minutes before we reached the town of Tanay, Jom told us to roll down our windows and savor the nippy morning air,  and the light morning breeze gently playing with the bamboo trees along the way. To smell the clean, fresh air, what bliss!

I love what nature brings, a lovely vista of fluffy white clouds, green countryside untouched by human hands, the sun shining on your face, the surprise of seeing wild flowers around and the thrill of discovering that you can endure the descent and the climb back to civilization.

The blue mountain range you see from afar  is the Sierra Madre. The Sierra Madre is the longest mountain range in the Philippines. In the north, the range starts in the province of Cagayan  and ends in the south in the province of Quezon.

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